SINCE 1917

As a globally active organisation with over a century of providing dedicated services, we proudly look back on our successful corporate development and the evolution of a tradition that shapes our professional and operational activities to this day. ATAG PCS has invariably been synonymous with excellence when offering legal and tax expertise, while representing the interests of our clients through a holistic portfolio of continuously refined services and support. A tradition of excellence that is being continuously strengthened and refined.

ATAG Private & Corporate Services AG was founded in 1917 as ATAG Allgemeine Treuhand AG in Basel. From the outset, the clear objective was to create a services provider that would be defined by its uncompromising loyalty and focus on the specific interests and needs of its clients. To consistently maintain that orientation, independence is a highly valued asset at ATAG PCS and a value that we share with the entrepreneurial families who we comprehensively support.

During this century of ATAG PCS tradition, the discerning standards of our clients have attracted specialists to our group who possess exceptional levels of empathy, allowing them to appreciate and internalise our clients’ needs, engage with their personal situations and act strictly in their interests. These human qualities are considered absolutely essential throughout our organisation, while unfailing professional excellence is considered a matter of course.

Our in-depth understanding of the aims, particular interests and requirements of our clients and their families distinguishes us as outstanding professionals backed by extensive international expertise. We are driven by our claim to be providers of first-class services. That ambition has grown consistently throughout the history of the organisation and has generated our reputation for outstanding integrity in the legal and fiscal sectors.

Beginning in 1960, ATAG Private & Corporate Services AG was part of the international network of Ernst & Young until it was transferred to the ownership of its current partners in 2001.

In 2016, two new companies were founded under the ATAG name: ATAG Attorneys-at-Law, a legal firm specialising in commercial and fiscal law, with the aim of supporting challenging projects within a streamlined structure providing high levels of professional competence, and ATAG Family Office, designed to meet the needs of clients from influential and wealthy entrepreneurial families both in and outside of Switzerland.

More than 30 permanent employees of our group operate out of Basel in an international network to support a large number of influential and wealthy entrepreneurial families from Switzerland and abroad.