As long-standing providers of comprehensive services for major clients and entrepreneurial families, we have generated and accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience. We apply the full leverage of those attributes for the benefit of our clients, including support of their partners and companies.

Typical exemplary sectors of competence:


We are firmly anchored in the specialist sectors areas of commercial law, tax law as well as family and inheritance law. Comprehensive strategic legal advice, meticulous legal planning and precise implementation of transactions are vital components in achieving success.

We act as professional members of boards of directors and trusts, generate jointly with you strategies for effective corporate governance, the integration of the next generation, or ensuring that you conduct your business transactions on the best possible terms. We support you in shareholder issues, including the preparation of legal documents, or act as your escrow agent.

We develop plans with you across future generations and ensure that your last will and testament is fulfilled by assisting you in its formulation, by establishing any necessary structures such as foundations or trusts, or by acting as executors to ensure that your instructions are complied with.

Our attorneys plan and execute your private and business transactions in a pragmatic, straightforward and reliable manner. For international transactions, we take advantage of multinational structures, establish and manage holding companies and ensure that your objectives are achieved.

We approach legal conflicts as your representatives with in-depth knowledge and experience. We plan and manage disputes before courts or arbitration tribunals at international level with specialist partners and help you permanently maintain an overview.


Taxes are a key feature of our planning and consulting activities. With all assignments, whether they are within an international holding structure or when drawing up wills, we examine the tax implications meticulously and propose more favourable alternatives where considered necessary and appropriate.

Our involvement in international networks of specialists is your guarantee that we also generate customised global solutions. In all aspects, our clients are assured that our tax experts are not only familiar with current legal situations, but that they will also incorporate any applicable implementation by the relevant authorities into their planning. We alleviate our clients’ concerns through sound advice and actively guide them through implementation processes. This also applies to mandates ranging from the relocation of company headquarters through to the acquisition of new companies.

Business Administration

We advise and support our clients individually at each and any phase during which they require our assistance. We implement our advice and planning directly after consultation, whether in the creation of a holding structure or an international trust, the management of a family office or the fiduciary management of a complex transaction. Our clients expect to be kept up-to-date on the key figures and parameters at all times. Our accounting specialists are experts in the field of international business administration. Reporting is proactively combined in-house with the services of our lawyers or tax consultants.

Corporate Service & Administration

We represent the interests of our clients as members of boards of directors and foundations with the same diligence and experience that we apply to our consultancy mandates. We also manage international holding structures in compliance with all rules of the game, with clear guidelines, while incorporating your strategy and instructions into the daily business. Moreover, we act on behalf of our clients within companies, foundations or administrations.

Trusts and Foundations

Since our establishment, trusts and foundations have been essential and sustainable planning instruments for us in the core sectors of estate planning and business administration. For successive generations our company has been and remains the unique point of contact during the planning, establishment and long-term administration of such structures. Our experts are fully updated on mutations in the framework conditions. The advice we offer on your projects is precise and committed, with clear recommendations and transparent costs. We establish foundations and trusts on your behalf and manage their professional administration.

Asset Allocation

Being able to provide independent advice is of fundamental importance for us in order to protect all family members and achieve the financial goals of our clients. Given the comprehensive task profile we perform as a Corporate Family Office, we have a sharply focused perspective on strategic financial issues that reaches far beyond direct investment advice.


Philanthropy can mean so much more than just humanitarian attitudes and behaviour. We advise and represent our clients in private commitments. We are also pleased to coordinate these with the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of your company. In the context of such commitments, we ensure that key values and image aspects are consistent. The remit of this advice can be as extensive as issues relating to press and public perceptions.

Family Counselling

We advise our clients' families and help enhance common goals. In change scenarios, we support family members through our experience and secure important decisions. Each family member is unique, just as every individual is unique. We provide assistance in common projects, in new stages of life, in education, right through to domicile relocations.

Family Governance

What is applicable to companies is often equally true for families. Rules on leadership, controls and cohesion can be an important tool in ensuring family harmony across generations. We assist our clients in drafting intra-family agreements and their implementation, including their acceptance throughout the family business. What emerges is a family culture that we are allowed a part in shaping. We aspire to nothing less.

Art Consulting

When art is involved, we also have specialists who are highly familiar with the global art scene. We will advise you in line with your personal preferences, while also taking into account your investment strategy. A fascinating topic in which we enjoy discovering new aspects, allowing us to take the best decisions early on in the process.

Maritime Consulting

In conjunction with our international partners, we offer purchase or sale, construction or refit, as well as ownership and chartering of yachts, in both the commercial and private sectors. Those services also include taxes, customs duties, financing, choice of flag, registration, maintenance and operation, crew selection and much more besides.


Aviation Consulting

Our consulting starts with the purchase of your jet. We take your wishes and requirements into account in order to find the ideal solution. As an aircraft owner, you must coordinate extensive, complex regulations and requirements with your movement profile. We handle this challenge for you, as well as all aspects of flight operations, including the sale of your jet.