Our clients' goals are what drive us - in Switzerland, in Europe and worldwide. We are uncompromisingly committed to that challenge. Our mission statement describes it precisely: “We support our international clients by assuming full responsibility for the successful implementation of the corporate and private affairs entrusted to us.”

For over 100 years, we have built up comprehensive expertise and services facilities based on our core competencies in law and taxes. These allow us to make decisions for our clients that are legally secure at any times – irrespective of their geographical impact.

Demands and requirements of the entrepreneurial families we represent increase year by year, and new needs are being added consistently. Thanks to our international network, we are able to closely monitor trends and developments and make the correct decisions for our clients. In numerous cases, we independently represent the interests of important entrepreneurial families because we understand precisely what is needed. It is our reward for the trust conferred on our activities. Our response to that level of confidence is unconditional loyalty to our clients, a characteristic that undeniably sets us apart.


Certain elements of our work enter deep into the economic and family structures of our clients. We are frequently advisors on various situations in life. Our wide-ranging experience allows us to recognise motivations and connections that only an outsider can identify. We fully appreciate the responsibilities that can burden our clients. One of our most important roles is to live up to that responsibility. In addition to achieving economic and private goals, we also focus on enhancing the personal quality of life of our clients.


Absolute loyalty and discretion are fundamental requirements for trust-based cooperation. There are two essential aspects. One is the human factor; the other is the technical structure. Our team is committed to absolute reliability and discretion - in any situation, under all circumstances. This also applies if someone leaves ATAG. In such cases, we have clear agreements that have not been broken for over a century. The technical requirements are clearly defined. No document, whether digital or as hard copy, can be accessed externally.


The interests of our clients and their families are both diverse and complex. Consequently, our services are equally multifaceted. To remain up to date at all times, we conduct effective monitoring of all activities. This also serves to coordinate the specialists within our international network. All data are collated by our mandate managers and can be accessed permanently. It is not uncommon for initial situations to change abruptly as a result of new circumstances. Our monitoring concept enables us to reset all relevant parameters at any time.


We have experts with excellent legal backgrounds who are able to clearly formulate objectives with our clients and reach agreement with all parties involved. In the event of disputes, we mediate and negotiate compromises. The consistent orientation of our organisation towards “Family” is a very important value for us. It ensures clarity and unity in the tasks for which we assume responsibility.


Any prominent entrepreneurial family needs to make numerous economic decisions which affect strategy, employees, locations and its own family members. Finding ways in which to maintain a balance of interests is vital. Assessing such interests to create a sound basis for taking decisions comes naturally to us. We advise on all strategic issues by deploying detailed research, surveys and qualitative interviews. Not all strategic decisions, however important they may be, necessarily enhance the quality of life of our clients – an aspect we invariably bear in mind. We are also willing to implement unpopular measures if, by doing so, we can alleviate pressures on our clients.